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    Monday 09:00 — 23:00
    Tuesday 09:00 — 23:00
    Wednesday 09:00 — 23:00
    Thursday 09:00 — 23:00
    Friday 09:00 — 23:00
    Saturday 09:00 — 23:00
    Sunday 09:00 — 23:00

    This is where you can make an online reservation for green zone, back court, and dance room. Bookings can only be made one weeks prior to your usage of the court(s) and/or dance room.

    The green zone will NOT be available for IMU students on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. It is only available for OUTSIDERS during the aforementioned days. Please DO NOT make a booking for green zone on a public holiday even if you are able to do so, the guards WILL NOT ALLOW you to use the court. It will only be available until 10pm EVERY WEDNESDAY, as dictated by DBKL(Kuala Lumpur's city council).

    For Dance room PRIORITY BOOKINGS, it should appear as usual but if it does not, please contact Jack. 

    1. If you wish to book the court and/or dance room for more than an hour, please make multiple bookings.
    2. In the event where you wish to cancel your booking, please do so by using the link provided to you via email.
    3. The administrator reserves the right to change your booking schedule with prior notification.
    4. Please make sure you use the courts and/or dance room after a booking has been made.
    5. The SRC reserves the rights to restrict further usage to any individual that abuses this service. 

    ** If you have any feedback regarding the revamped booking system, please do not hesitate to contact me (Jack), my contact information can be found below.
    Email :
    HP No: +6012-2381726

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